Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Need To Weep

The roots grew strong
They grew deep
But that did not stop
My need to weep

I’ve lived my life
Yes, at times it's been hard
Being, took the innocence
I didn't make it unscarred

I could not have been
Or grown to just be
A face among the lost
I didn't, Jesus set me free

He saved my mournful soul
There ! is the need for tears
The Friend I found in Him
Is enough, beyond my years

Judy L Wilson
May 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There Are Windows

There are windows, then there are windows and i don't like the one i'm looking through right now. What i am seeing is very ugly. I have let doubt creep in and the picture it is painting is something i don't think i want hanging on the walls of my heart. I tell myself i am only human but there lies the problem. I am not the only one living here, I gave that place to the Lord a long time ago. He will let me see and feel anything i want to but when i do there comes a knock knock and i have to open my mind and heart to what He is trying to show me. Girl shut that window and open another one that you can see through clearly and that is Me your Saviour the keeper of your soul. Look to me the Remover of doubt and unbelief.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lord i have no power
i am week and helpless
i feel like my body
can hardly stand
my  mind whirls
under doubt and unbelief
help me draw upon
that seed of faith
cover my runaway thoughts
with love and courage
to endure until
You say it is over
fill me with love
for those unlovely
make me heaven ready
i am weak and i fail You
but i know You are my hope
help me to not grow weary
and faint
build me up in my Your holy faith
help me be what You need me to be.
In Jesus Name amen
May 9,2011

What's In Heaven For Me

I can’t count the times .. I’ve seen the wings
On a Hummingbird flutter
Or how many times
The Whippoorwill sang the same song
It’s amazing to see
All God’s creation .. with so many colors
Just imagine, what’s in Heaven for me.
Did you ever see the rose in full bloom
Or how the dew looks in the morning sun
When it gently caresses the leaf
Well He put it there for everyone

On a peaceful summer evening
To hear the hum of the honeybee
To listen to the soft coo of a dove
Just imagine, whats in heaven for me

He gave much to look upon
Every joy of His heart to us
Nothing can compare to Jesus our King
The only One faithful and just.

Gerti Blackwell -- Judy Wilson
May 12, 2012